After a long wait... Club Meetings will resume this week! Members and friends are welcome to join us at our first meeting at our new venue: Petridish at No 8 Stafford Street on Thursday 4th June. This first meeting will be a chance for a good catchup & fellowship.
A new cafe is under construction at the venue which will be available some time later next month. In the meantime we have arranged for a tea and coffee station ($2.50 per person - please bring cash), and you are welcome to bring your own food from home or local cafe's. In future weeks if there is enough interest we will arrange catering from Cottage Bakehouse; copies of the food options will be available at this weeks meeting. 
Please also note the Duty Roster has restarted and an email reminder will go out to this week's rostered members. Best to check the new roster here: as soon as possible.