We have agreed with our temporary caterer to change to their cabinet food given the current meal order volumes. And the caterer has graciously agreed to donate 10% of proceeds to Rotary!
Click through for food options.
Pies standard size $4.50
Mince, Mince and Cheese, Steak, Steak and Cheese, Creamy Chicken, Mutton, Bacon and Egg
Club Sandwich 2 Pack $5.50
Ham and Egg, Ham Cheese & Pineapple, Vegetarian, Chicken and Cranberry
Sausage Rolls $3.50
Cheese Rolls Toasted $2.00
Lamingtons $2.50
Chocolate or Raspberry
Slices $3.00
Belgium, Tan, Dark Caramel, Ginger, Raspberry, Lolly, Choc Fudge