Posted on Feb 03, 2019
We have received an update on the $3,000 donation the Rotary Club of Dunedin made to the New Zealand Red Cross just before the holiday break. This was the latest of several donations to help support former refugee young people to integrate into the Dunedin Community. Red Cross have advised they have now distributed all but $750 of the fund. The remainder of this fund will go towards covering term 1 activities for new arrival young people.
CLARIFICATION: This update on the Red Cross and Rotary Dunedin Youth Fund was an account of Red Cross’s spending during 2018 of the donation made by The Rotary Club of Dunedin in 2017. The grant made at our final meeting of last year is yet to be disbursed and will be allocated during 2019.
Seventeen allocations were made to 14 young people with recipients attending 7 different schools. Allocations ranged from $350 to assist with attending a Year 9 camp to $18 for swimming lesson fees.