Presbyterian Support Otago have provided a letter of thanks for the recent $2,000 donation from Rotary Dunedin.
Judith McCracken, the Supporter Development Manager writes:
Dear Rotarians

Many thanks for your donation which will be used to support our foodbank in Dunedin during the COVID-19 lockdown and in the weeks following the pandemic. In the first two weeks of the lockdown, Presbyterian Support Otago received 101 referrals for support (up from 79 during the same period in 2019). Many of these referrals are for new clients – older people, former refugees, families, and individuals – who haven’t needed our support before.

With your support, Presbyterian Support Otago is taking a responsible approach to supporting people’s needs during this time. Usually, we would provide a combination of food parcel and grocery vouchers to people accessing the foodbank. As people are encouraged to stay at home, and supermarkets are incredibly busy, your donation will be used to purchase items we need for the foodbank from our usual suppliers (those suppliers who supply products for our Enliven care homes), and make up welfare parcels which include food, cleaning products, and other items needed by people during the pandemic period.

Your support makes a massive difference to people in our community, especially during this pandemic period. Your financial support means that we can be flexible in how we approach the needs of people during this crisis, making sure that we continue to meet the needs of people in our community to help overcome the extra difficulties we’re all facing during this time.

Thank you for your support during the COVID-19 pandemic.